How to load a No Show Report

Loading a No Show Report

In this section, you will be able to load the No Show Report by clicking on “View/Add” on the previous page (Booking Report). Ensure all your documents you need to load as proof are all scanned into one document so you can do one upload with all the information required.
Once you are ready, open the page and load the information that is vital to us.Please report any and all no shows within 48hours (at the most) the longer it takes to upload a no show, the more it enhances the chance to lose credibility in the event of a complaint.

Select which way the no show was: Journey 1 or, Journey 2 Enter all the relevant information you can about the no show, the more information the better! If you have proof, select yes and upload your file which you prepared.

Remember your name and hit the submit icon.

Once you submit the No Show, an automated email is sent to the Customer or Agent advising that we have received a No Show Report allowing the Customer / Agent 72hours to provide feedback on why their customers were not met for transfer service.
Acceptable forms of proof for a no show may include but is not limited to: relevant GPS reports; photographs at the pickup location with time/date stamps; trip sheet signed and stamped by hotel concierge/reception/management.


Loading a No Show Report #2 

Enter affected booking reference number and hit the Search button when ready


Loading a No Show Report #3

Click View/Add.
Have your proof ready for uploading when possible to build a stronger case, such as:
Hotel stamp
Parking ticket
GPS report
Photo of the driver with name board next to clock etc.


Loading a No Show Report #4

These are the questions you would have to answer when
uploading a No Show Report about any customer.

The information is then kept in our database for our Customer Care Team in the event of a complaint to be used with immediate access and certainty that we haven’t missed anything.

Should our team need anything else, they will be in contact as usual.




Loading a No Show Report #5

The following report appears in your partner dashboard & at the same time uploads a duplicate into our system which allows us both to see the same information.






Loading a No Show Report #6

Herewith an example of how the report is duplicated into our in-house system:




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