Remittances (Guide to download packages from your dashboard)

Dear Partner,

Hereby a quick guide on, how to download your packages loaded in your partner dashboard.

Log into your partner dashboard:

Go to:

Finance → View Uploaded Invoices


Once you’ve clicked on “View Uploaded Invoice”

Select the brand, and year (it will default to the current year)

Once you’re ready, click on “Continue”

The packages will now be shown in list order; package number(s) can be cross referenced to the package number(s) shown on the remittance.

To the right of the page, you will also have the option to export all packages if you wish to do so.

Once you click on the specific package number, you will see it opening the bookings related to that package number:

You can now either scroll down to investigate the relevant bookings or, you can click on the excel icon to download the bookings on an excel file.

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