Welcome on board

Dear Partner

Welcome on board!

By now you would already know what your login details are for your Partner Dashboard.
If you don’t, they will be coming your way soon!

We need you to please free up some of your time, as you are required to watch the following tutorials which will allow you to understand your Partner Dashboard, and what you can expect from it.

It is your responsibility, entirely, to ensure that you have watched the below videos and have a clear understanding on what the process and procedures are, on the bookings we send for service(s).
Currently all training material is presented in English, we are in the meantime working on translations for Spanish and German.

* Please download, and watch each video, in the order we recommend.
* download videos

In the videos, we are going to show you:
#1 The process of a hoppa booking (Applicable to all contract types)

We will then move on, to cover your Partner Dashboard:
#2 Pending Actions (Applicable to all contract types)
#3 Manage Vehicle Routes (Applicable to static / direct contract)
#4 XML API  (Applicable to all contract types)
#5 Finance (Applicable to all contract types)
#6 Brand  (Applicable to all contract types)
#7 Extra Services (Applicable to static / direct contract)
#8 Point2Point (Applicable to P2P contract)
#9 Reports (Applicable to all contract types)
#10 Luggage Restriction & Vehicle Images (Applicable to all contract types)

We also have the following manuals, which we highly recommend you view, read through, and download.

best practice
meet the team
how to invoice

If you haven’t already, please download the information sheet, complete it, and send it back to your contract manager.
* download list of documents

Please also, send us your business logo in the below format, for our websites:
File type: .png file
Ideal size to fit in: 145px x 30px
Max width 150px and height max 35px.
Min width 25px min height 25px

Within the coming weeks, we will also add “deep-dive” videos, which will show in detail, what happens in any kind of scenario, and how we (us and yourself) can deal with it to ensure fruitful collaboration.

Our Operations Teams are made up of five teams, who support our partners and clients, from the before booking phase, right through to post booking support.


This team supports our Partners / Service providers, with any booking, or verification process related questions, or queries.
The team is operational Monday to Friday: 06h00 until 17h30 (UK time), and on Saturdays: 08h00 until 16h30 (UK time).
To communicate directly with this team, an email must be sent to help@hoppa.com, or they can be contacted on +44 (0) 1483 804 830, during the above-mentioned hours.
Please do not share the Partner Support team contact number with clients who wishes to make an amendment to, or cancel their booking.
It keeps the line busy, and when you as the partner need support by phone, we might not be able to assist you. The clients can reach the Hoppa Help Team for assistance on the below contact info.


This team is also our call centre, they assist our clients with any before travel, whilst abroad and often, post travel related issues and/or requests too.
They are the first point of contact for our clients, and this team is operational 7 days a week, 07h00 until 22h00 (UK time).
To email / reach out to this team, queries are to be submitted via our contact portal on: https://talktous.hoppa.com/en/support/home


The hoppa Care team, is the team that deals with any complaints which are sent to us by our clients, during any stage of the client’s trip (be it whilst the client is abroad, or back home already).
This team is also responsible to work closely with our partners, to ensure they are informed of any such complaint, and to work with them to investigate, resolve and reach a satisfactory resolution for all parties involved, especially our mutual clients.
They are operational Monday to Friday: 07h00 until 17h30 (UK time), and on Saturdays: 08h00 until 16h30 (UK time).
To email / reach out to this team, queries are to be submitted via our contact portal on: https://talktous.hoppa.com/en/support/home, they do not have a contact number as we require any form of communication on complaints, to be in writing throughout the entire process.


We have two language desks, Spanish and German.
These agents deal with the clients from the two related countries, covering all aspects of the booking process (from start to finish), right up to any complaint that might arise during the client’s trip.


This team is responsible for all our social media platforms, ensuring that any client that reaches out to us on a social media platform, we have someone available to assist them immediately, covering any aspect of the booking process.
They are also responsible for sending out review requests to clients, gathering statistics to report on what our client’s overall experience is when using our product, and to manage our company’s online reputation.

Nicholas Dos Santos
is the Operations Lead and, has the responsibility to oversee the daily processes. He is also there to assist with any escalations from our clients, partners or the business.
Fifi Mothupi and Theo Nkese are the Operations Supervisors, who report directly into Nicholas. These ladies see that defined and implemented processes are followed, and that quality of service is maintained.

Fifi has responsibility of the hoppa Care Team, the Partner Support Team as well as the Language Desks.
Theo runs the hoppa Help Team.
The social operations team currently reports into Nick.

We accept that at this point, you have already received communication from your Contract Manager and, would as a result have their contact information, alternatively, you can reach out to PurchasingDept@hoppa.com.

Contact information for the Operations Teams, Supervisors and Lead are as follow:

Nicholas Dos Santos
Operations Lead
e: nicholas@hoppa.com





Fifi Mothupi
Supervisor: Partner Support Team, hoppa Care Team, Language Desks
e: fifi@hoppa.com





Theo Nkese
Supervisor: hoppa Help Team
e: theo@hoppa.com


If anything is unclear, please reach out.

In order for us to switch your account live, please complete the partner assessment, and send your results back to the team that originally sent you your logins / your first welcome email from hoppa team.

Kind regards,
Your hoppa team

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