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• Introduction
• The booking life cycle
• How it works
• How to use it
• The do’s & don’ts
• Getting into the details
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When hoppa.com or, A2Btransfers.com receives a booking, the booking will first be sent to the respective Partner to either verify the booking which allows us to advise the client that their booking has been confirmed and the transfer will be provided or, our Partner will send us a comment (Supplier Reason) to advise why the booking can not yet be verified and what information is still required / what action has to be taken to have a correct booking.

That comment (Supplier Reason) will trigger an automation process, which will send the client or Travel Agent an email advising that their booking has not yet been verified, and what information they need to send through, or rebook to, in order to receive verification for their transfer.

This document is going to explain:

  • The booking life cycle
  • How it works
  • How to use it
  • The do’s and don’ts
  • What Supplier Reason triggers which relevant email that will automatically be sent to the client or Travel Agent


The booking life cycle:


How it works – process flowchart:



How to use it – Verifying a booking VS Denying a booking:

During stage 4 of the booking life cycle, you will either 4.1) Verify the booking or, 4.2) Send a supplier reason advising what to fix (denying the booking at that time)

 4.1) Verify the booking

Verifying a new, amended, or cancelled booking has to happen within 48 hours of the booking being received on your Partner Dashboard.

A booking will only be verified if it is correctly made, and our local partner understands clearly, the transfer service that is to be provided by them.

Once a booking has been verified  by our local partner, it will send an email to the client or Travel Agent to advise, that the booking has now been verified by our local partner, and that we look forward to seeing them for their journey with us.

Please note that unless an amendment or cancellation is made after this stage, which requires another verification to be made, the booking cannot be denied unless the reason why can be fully justified, and allowing enough time for us to reach out to the client prior to their travel date.


 4.2) Deny the booking (sending a supplier reason advising what to fix)

Same as verifying a new, or amended booking within 48 hours of receipt, we require the same action when a booking was made incorrectly by a customer.

We do prevent as much possible errors on our website during the booking process, while still allowing a user-friendly experience but, it’s not unusual for human errors or sometimes,  even system errors, to sneak past us.

In these cases, we need to be aware of any issues soonest possible, allowing the client, travel agent, or even us, enough time to make the necessary amendment / take the necessary action to rectify the booking prior to the clients’  arrival in resort, ensuring the client of a smooth, hassle-free journey.

Our system has been developed to automatically inform the client of the Supplier Reason selected, with a unique template for each reason. The system will also keep sending the customer reminders in the form of email, as well as text messages to take the required action.

We also have a 48 hour fail-over plan in place, in the rare event of a client not seeing our emails or not receiving our text messages. Our Partner Support team receives the red flags and they start calling the customers to have the bookings amended, or in extreme cases, cancelled – so there’s never any need for you to do some chasing, we take care of that.


Going through the process (how to use it):

  • Once you are logged into your partner dashboard (left image).
  • Hover your mouse over the ‘Pending Actions’ option in the menu bar and select ‘Pending Confirmations’. This option will take you to a new screen (right image).
  • On this page, you will see the bookings pending confirmation from your end, they are filtered according to travel dates (closest to furthest).
  • Click on ‘View Booking’.

Once you have clicked on the ‘View Booking’ option, that specific booking will open on a new page.

If you do not have a system plugged in to automatically read specific information and pass them into your in-house system (such as ASTRA) please, take the time to work through the booking and ensure everything is correct.

To verify:

Should the booking be correct, please scroll to the bottom, enter your name in the ‘Agent name’ box, and ‘Verify Booking’. The booking will then be considered as verified and a notification will be sent to the client to advise that their booking has now been verified by our local partner.

To deny:

In the event of any information being entered incorrectly / missing / require additional information or in cases where the wrong resort or, airport has been booked, please proceed to click on the drop-down arrow in the ‘Supplier Reason’  section and you will see a whole list of reasons open for you to choose from, telling us / the client why the booking can not be verified and what has to be done in order to receive a verification from your end.

Supplier Reasons you will see when clicking on the drop-down


The Do’s & Don’ts:

Please DO:

  • Check your bookings daily in your partner dashboard.
  • Ensure that you submit the supplier reason relevant to the problem if not verifying the booking.
  • Only submit the same reason once when it’s on the same booking.
  • If the amendment came through incorrectly, you’ll notice that we have an option ‘amendment incorrect’ where you will be able to elaborate into further details.
  • Send the supplier reason As Soon As Possible please, allowing the client / agent / us sufficient time to send over the correct amendment.
  • Feel free to chase us directly in case the booking is now at 72 / 48 hours prior to arrival and you are yet to receive an amendment / cancellation – you can send these chasers to: help@hoppa.com or, help@a2btransfers.com.
  • Accept that some supplier reasons won’t have the comment box open for free typing since the majority of reasons are sent directly to our clients or travel agents without us seeing what comment was added – hence the reason it is closed down, and we cover all options within the template email to end customer.
  • Feel free to advise if you need any additional reasons added in case we missed anything that would be useful to you.

Please DON’T:

  • Depend simply on the bookings that are received via email.
  • Submit the same reason more than once on the same booking.
  • Chase any booking with a comment until 3 / 2 days prior to clients’ arrival (allow the system time to work).
  • Delay sending us a supplier reason if the booking needs attention.
  • Send a supplier reason within 8 days of clients’ arrival unless the booking was made to travel sooner than 7days, in which case only 1 reminder will reach them, drastically decreasing any time we have to assist prior to the client arriving in resort.
  • Select an incorrect reason simply to have an open comment box – rather select the ‘amendment incorrect’ option so we can investigate or, email us on the help@ email addresses.


Getting into the details:

You will notice that majority of the supplier reasons do not allow for free-typing, but we’ll also show you which reasons do allow for free-typing.

A safety harness for both of us:

You will notice that not all reasons allow you to free-type in the comment box, this is because there is no review process between submitting a supplier reason and the email reaching the client immediately. As a result, any free-type message will be seen by any of our clients prior to us knowing what was sent, hence the reason we keep advising our partners to be vigilant and select the correct reason at all times.

What to do with Alternative drop off / pick up locations:

Any alternative drop off / pickup location supplier reasons, you can proceed to verify these bookings immediately as soon as you have submitted the reason. They act as a notification to the client / travel agent advising of the alternative dropoff / pickup location and, in the template they are advised that, if they are not satisfied, to either cancel or reach out to us to make any alternative arrangement. We also advise that our local partner will provide the transfer to the alternative dropoff / pickup if we don’t hear back or receive a cancellation.

Recommended Pickup time:

We can always recommend a different pickup time but, if the client prefers a specific time, we can’t assume that they will accept our recommended pickup time – in these cases, prepare to accept the clients’ preferred pickup time unless they do confirm back that they would opt for your recommended pickup time in which event our Partner Support team will reach out to you prior to client travelling / send you a booking with the recommended pickup time replacing the original request from client.

Vehicle upgrade:

In a situation where the client is advised to upgrade to a larger vehicle, we do advise the client / agent that if the vehicle is not upgraded that, our local partner cannot be held liable if the client is charged for an additional vehicle / won’t be reimbursed for any additional vehicle assistance.


Supplier Reasons and the templates they generate:


The end:

We appreciate your valued feedback!

Please feel free to reach out to us in case you have any questions / suggestions or have more reasons for us to get added onto this system that will be of use to you.



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